Institute’s research laboratories

Laboratory of High-Energy Compounds Synthesis

Head of Laboratory, Dr. (Chem.)
Sergey Gavrilovich Il’yasov
Specialist in the synthesis and development of high-energy compounds technology.
The laboratory constitutes 12 persons, including 1 Doctor of Sciences and 1 postgraduate student.
Tel.: (3854) 30-59-37

Laboratory for Chemistry of Nitrogen Compounds

Head of Laboratory, Dr. (Chem.)
Sergey Viktorovich Sysolyatin
Specialist in the synthesis of high-energy compounds and development of technologies thereof.
The laboratory comprises 43 persons, including 1 Doctor, 4 Candidates of Sciences and 2 postgraduate students.


Laboratory of Materials Science and Mineral Raw Materials

Head of Laboratory, Dr. (Engineering)
Aleksei Nikolayevich Blaznov
Specialist in materials science of mineral raw materials, development of methods and mechanical testers for polymer composites.
The laboratory includes 7 employees, inclusive of 1 Doctor of Sciences and 1 Candidate of Sciences.
Tel.: (3854) 30-58-82

Laboratory of Physicochemical Fundamentals of Energetic Condensed Systems

Head of Laboratory, Dr. (Engineering)
Kozyrev Nikolay Vladimirovich

The laboratory is composed of 13 persons, including 2 Doctors of Sciences, 1 Candidate of Sciences, and 1 postgraduate student.
Tel.: (3854) 30-58-05  

Laboratory of Physics of High-Energy Materials Energy Conversion

Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Sciences
Titov Sergey Sergeevich
Specialist in the field of research into heterogeneous plasma flows / laser diagnostics of two-phase media.
At the laboratory are 16 persons, including 6 Doctors of Sciences, 6 Candidates of Sciences, and 2 postgraduate students.
Tel.: (3854) 30-17-25 

Laboratory of Chemical Engineering Processes and Apparatuses

Head of Laboratory, Dr.
Mikhail Stepanovich Vasilishin
Specialist in chemical engineering processes and apparatuses.
The laboratory comprises 8 persons, including 2 Candidates of Sciences and 3 postgraduate students.
Tel.: (3854) 30-18-37  

Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of High-Energy Azoles

Head of Laboratory, Dr. (Chem.)
Gennady Timofeyevich Sukhanov
Specialist in the area of regioselective synthesis of energy-rich, aromatic nitrogen-containing heterocycles.
The laboratory comprises 9 persons, including 1 Doctor of Sciences and 3 postgraduate students.
Tel.: (3854) 30-18-45  

Laboratory of Bioconversion

Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (equivalent to Ph.D. in Chem.), Associate Professor
Vera Vladimirovna Budaeva
Expert in lignocellulosic biomass conversion, biotechnology, and applied ecology.
The Laboratory has 6 researchers, including 6 Candidate of Science degree holders.
Tel.: (3854) 30-59-85