Production of drug substances

Head of the Production unit
Vashura Ivan
Tel.: (3854) 30-18-82

Main fields of activities:
- Development of production technologies of substances;
- Study of the regularities of chemical reactions at the various stages of drug substances synthesis;
- The devising of commercial technologies and working out of technological methods for obtaining substances to develop a new component base of promising compositions of special and commercial designations;
- Production of drug substances.

The list and main characteristics of pilot setups:
- Universal setups for multistage processes of fine organic synthesis;
- Setup for high-pressure processes (up to 60 atm.) in aggressive environments;
- Fireproof corrosion-stable setup for high-temperature processes (up to 800 ºС);
- Setup for high-boiling substances (solvents) distillation in vacuo.

Pilot setup to produce the drug “Tilorone”



Universal setup for multistage processes of fine organic synthesis Setup for high-pressure processes in aggressive environments



Quality control of feed stock and finished products Elaboration of synthetic methods for active pharmaceutical substances